Car Subscriptions

All Inclusive Monthly Car Subscription Service

Everything you need with one monthly payment leaving your bank, this is Subscribe & Drive.

No long-term commitments, just flexible month-to-month agreements, allowing you access to premium cars from a reputable company. Brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo. From Superminis to large SUV’s.

Whats Included:

Nationwide Delivery

Low Initial Outlay

Unlike traditional car leasing, we only take 1 months rental upfront plus a documentation fee. Our best prices are unlocked when you commit to a minimum qualifying period of 90 days or more.

All you need to do is fuel or charge the vehicle and provide us with fully comprehensive insurance for all those eligible to drive the car.

You can send the car back by completing an online returns form and giving us at least 5 working days.

This gives you the option to swap and change your vehicle on a more regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Car Subscription?

Running a car can be an expensive saga and with uncertainty in the air surrounding Brexit, many companies and individuals don’t want to commit to long-term finance or car leases.

Car Subscriptions are an ideal way to run a vehicle, with one payment that covers vehicle rental, maintenance, road fund licence, breakdown assistance and a mileage allowance. The ability to pause, upgrade or downgrade can really help.

Imagine a Netflix service but for cars, choose your car, choose your mileage allowance, apply online and if successful, insure and drive away.

The exact length of the contract can determine the price. The longer you commit to the cheaper the car subscription service is, even then you don’t have a minimum term but you may have a cancellation fee to pay.

Need a bigger car, then upgrade the car to something with a bit more space. Too much space, then downgrade to something smaller.

SUV’s and Convertibles can also be options on a UK Car Subscription, with the ability to run a convertible in the summer and an SUV for the winter months.

How much does a Car Subscription Cost?

Car Subscription services can work out more expensive than traditional financing engines such as PCP, Hire Purchase or Contract Hire. But these subscription models come with flexibility, this includes being able to pause the car subscription or even upgrade or downgrade.

A car on subscription does work out cheaper, generally, than traditional daily rental and with most car subscriptions from Cocoon, the vehicles are new or nearly new and have been thoroughly checked if they are to be re-hired.

The cost of a car subscription will revolve around the type of car offered and the mileage parameters you will require. The excess mileage rate is quite a bit higher on these shorter car subscription services, so make sure you have given yourself enough scope, it’s not always about the lower price.

What are the downsides to a Car Subscription?

Due to its flexibility, the cost of a car subscription service is higher than traditional finance. However, it is cheaper than a traditional rental car.

You need to pass a credit check to get the advertised rates, non-status and new start businesses can apply, however, underwriters may offer alternative terms. This won’t be higher rentals, however it may involve personal guarantees, refundable deposits, a higher initial rental or a higher doc fee.

There are no used car car subscription options from Cocoon, so the prices are for new or nearly new vehicles. Therefore, due to residual values the rental may be higher.

Insurance can be provided by the hirer, but depending on the insurance company they may charge a premium. Those with fleet policies can easily add a car subscription vehicle to their insurance.

What are the benefits of a Car Subscription?

The benefits of a car subscription are extensive, for starters you gain access to a wide range of premium and high-end vehicles that can be taken on a flexible basis. These vehicles are generally new (with delivery mileage) or nearly new. We’ve got all of the leading brands including Audi, BMW, Fiat, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Skoda, Tesla, Toyota, Volvo and VW.

When you commit to the minimum qualifying period, we will delivery your car free of charge in England and Wales. At the end of the contract, so long as you swap on the same day, we will collect your old car for free.

You make one monthly payment to us, this will include the rental, maintenance, servicing, tyres (except accidental damage), roadside assistance, road tax and manufacturers warranty. All you need to do is charge your car or add fuel, plus provide fully comprehensive insurance.

When you’ve finished with the vehicle, or you want to upgrade/downgrade. Just complete the returns form and our team will arrange for you to return the car to our de-fleet centre, collection (charge applies) or a swap over.

Our customer service is very high. We’re family owned, so you can guarantee that the service you receive will be personal, friendly and more importantly honest.

We like to be upfront from the beginning so from day one we will tell you what we expect from you. How you need to look after and return the car plus any additional charges that you may incur should you receive any parking tickets, etc.

How to apply for a Car Subscription?

Its really easy to enquire or apply for a vehicle subscription with us. Follow these simple instructions:

The process is super quick and really easy.