Frequently Asked Questions

Straight Forward Flexible Car Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Car Subscriptions

How does the approval process work?

Once you’ve sent over your enquiry form, our sales team will clarify the offer to yourself and send you vehicles within the groups to choose from. Along with the quotes will be an application form or a link to complete online (Click Here).

Once you have sent your application back, our underwriters will confirm an identity check they may also ask you for additional information that can include the following:

  • Bank Statement/s from you main current account
  • Additional proof of address, eg Utility Bill
  • Additional ID Documents, eg. Passport
  • Employment Details, eg. recent payslip, employer reference

You’ll have the option to send these to our underwriters or upload the information on our secure platform.

If we do require additional information, our underwriters or sales team will request these. The majority of our approvals take just 2 hours, some may take longer depending on your circumstances.

Can I have my car delivered?

We encourage car collections from the specified bases, but we can offer delivery in England, Wales and Scotland for a fee. All deliveries are subject to a minimum charge of £75 covering the first 50 miles. Its then just £1.05 pence per mile thereafter for each additional mile.

he delivery cost is calculated on where the car is located and not Cocoon’s actual postal code.

How do I pay?

The initial payments and any additional charges are taken at the order stage by credit, debit or charge card alternatively you can use BACS. This is charged even if your subscription starts in the future.

Once the first months rental is up, all subsequent monthly payments are taken by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card (Including Amex). Until the contract is terminated.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to pay for the subscription in full, so long as you specify an end date at the beginning of the contract.

What are the address restrictions?

In order to take out a car subscription with Cocoon, all you need is a permanent UK address. It doesn’t matter if you are an EXPAT or an overseas visitor coming to work or travel in the UK, so long as we know where you are, we can supply you a vehicle.

What is the minimum term for a car subscription?

Just 1 month is all you need to commit to, but if you can commit to longer than 90 days then we can offer you a better price. Our short term car leasing deals maybe be better for you, should you be able to commit to 6 or 12 months.

When you are on a monthly rolling contract, the subscription automatically renews for another month. If you wish to cancel your renewal, just give the tea 7 days notice, this includes vehicle upgrades or downgrades.

Late cancellations may be subject to cancellation fee’s, early termination of Minimum Term Subscriptions will be charged in accordance with the terms and conditions.

I am under 25, can I take out a car subscription?

Yes of course, you need to be 18 plus and pass the necessary checks. Of course, at this moment in time the insurance is provided by yourself.

If you can’t see the question/answer that you are looking for, drop us a line.